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Mabira Forest

Mabira Forest Reserve covers an area of 360 square kilometers with about 300 bird species many of which are difficult to see anywhere else in Uganda, over 200 different kinds of trees, 218 butterfly species with their beautiful color, and 23 different types of mammals, mainly monkeys. The patches of grassland in the valleys and extensive papyrus swamps support a lot of different kinds of birds.

The forest is just an hour’s drive from Kampala city. Managed by the Forestry department with support from the local community, Mabira Forest was opened to the public in 1996.

Key bird species found in the reserve include:- Nathan’s francolin, Cassin’s hawk eagle, Green tailed bristle bill, Grey long bill, Leaf love, Paradise flycatcher, Sooty boubou, Purple-throated cuckoo shrike.

Something unique about the forest is the fact that a large number of birds may be seen from the visitor’s centre. Flowering trees in the clearing attract a variety of sunbirds such as green, Little Olive, Blue throated brown, Green throated, olive bellied and superb sunbirds. Other forest edge species include speckle –breasted Woodpecker, Black throated Apalis, African blue Flycatcher and Grey-crowned Negro finch. Forest Ribon, Snowy headed Robin-Chat, Grey capped warbler, Black and white Flycatcher, Dusky Tit and common Wattle Eye which can be seen around the Campsite.