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Nyungwe Forest

Nyungwe forest is protected as national park and it covers 970 sq kl of montane tropical forest in South western Rwanda, extending further into Burundi with the name of Kibira forest. Nyungwe ranges at an altitude of 1600 to 2950 meters above sea level. It is the largest intact forest of East Africa and so rich in biodiversity, home to 86 species of mammals, 280 birds, 120 butterflies, about 200 orchids, 200 tree species.

The main interest of the forest is the presence of the primates and the organised guided trekking. There are 13 species of primates in Nyungwe: the chimpanzees (more than 1000 recorded), Black & White Colobus, the Rwenzori colobus, L’Hoest monkey, the silver monkey, the owl faced monkey, the red tailed monkey, mona monkey, vervet monkey, olive baboon, grey cheeked mangabey.

Nyungwe forest was less vulnerable to human pressure and deforestation than other forests. The Wildlife Conservation Society in cooperation with the ORTPN carries out several projects in Nyungwe, including community sensitization about the sustainability of the forest and anti-poaching; moreover they do research on the flora and fauna.

The major tourist activity is the chimpanzee trekking which takes place in two different sites, Uwinka and Kyamudongo.