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Ruhija Community Development Association (Bwindi Impenetrable National Park – Ruhija sector)

With the development of gorilla tourism in the area of Ruhija in Bwindi National Park in recent years, the local community could get the opportunity to benefit from eco-tourist activities. Ruhija is located in the central-Eastern side of Bwindi forest, at a very high altitude and hilly area inhabited by Bakiga people. The organization, which is made up by community members, offers long nature walks and village walks along the surrounding hills, to meet the inhabitants in their homestead, see the nursery school, the traditional healer and the blacksmith, meeting the storyteller. A special hike can be the walk to Rwizi waterfalls and the source of river Ishasha.

Ruhija area near Bwindi is much affected by deforestation and even biodiversity devastation and loss through the massive introduction of commercial pines tree planting which is deteriorating the soil and the image of the area. Destination Jungle supports the Ruhjija Association because this can help sensitizing the people about respecting the forest environment, it provides new incomes from eco-tourism through guiding and it links gorilla conservation to social benefits.