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Save The Forests

In 2010 Destination Jungle, in line with the International sensitization on global warming and for promoting sustainable development, has launched the campaign on “Save the Forest - Plant Trees”. This is well explained by the new company t-shirt uniform, which we use to sensitize the public and all our clients. The forests are a crucial part of the Earth’s ecosystem and to protect them is a key responsibility: forests protect against soil erosion, retains water and maintain the local climate also contributing to global climatic stability.

Gishwati forest, located along the western rift escarpment from Virungas down Lake Kivu, was a large forest in Rwanda. By the end of 80th only remained less than a quarter of the ancient forest, 280 sq km. Today is called the “forest of hope”, the symbol of the struggle to save the forests in East Africa. In Uganda the struggle to save Mabira Forest is also self explanatory.