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Sipi Falls Youth and Women Association (Mount Elgon National Park)

In our program Best of Uganda 15 days we include visiting the Eastern side of Uganda and Sipi Falls down Mount Elgon National Park. Especially this national park in the last few years experienced a lot of conflicts between the national park itself and the surrounding communities encroaching areas of the national park. The degradation of the environment resulted even into natural disasters (landslides), which reached the news agencies of the whole world. The local communities still need to see the benefits from tourism.
Destination Jungle encourages tourism to this area, including the trekking of Mount Elgon and the trekking of the Sipi Falls.

Particularly, we would like to mention the experience of the Sipi Falls Youth and Women Association. This association provides local guides for the trekking of the magnificent waterfalls. The guides can also organize the “coffee production tour”: Mount Elgon is synonymous of the Bugisu Arabica coffee, among the finest coffee in Africa; the guide will take you through the local coffee plantation and see the traditional methods of pounding coffee; the storytellers will also narrates oral stories from the local communities of the Sabiny and the Ndorobu, who inhabit the region surrounding the Mount Elgon National Park. Finally, you can assist the cultural dances in the traditional clothes.