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Kibale Forest

Kibale Forest is part of Queen Elizabeth National Park ecosystem and it covers 766 sq meters along the Rwenzoris. It was gazetted as national park in 1993 and it ranges between 1100 and 1590 meters on altitude. Kibale boasts 325 birds species, 351 trees species and 12 species of primates. This includes the chimpanzees (1420 individuals according to 2002 survey by Jane Goodall Institute), L’Hoest monkey, red tailed monkey, blue monkey, red colobus monkey, black and white colobus monkey, olive baboons, mangabey, the nocturnal bush baby and potto.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority in cooperation with Jane Goodall Institute established in 1997 the ecotourism project in Kibale forest. Among the other activites carried out, the sensitization of the community against poaching and for the protection of the forest, the snare removal project (it was found that over 25% of the chimpanzees in the forest has snare related injuries), and the chimpanzee habituation program. This has made Kibale forest one of the leading sites for chimpanzee trekking: not only chimpanzee walk is available, but in certain periods of the year and for a limited number of people it is organised the “chimpanzee habituation experience”, a full day immersion directly in contact with the primates.