14 Days Dj Uganda - Tanzania Safari

Destination: Uganda


The pearls of Africa Safari

Day 1

Unpon arrival at the Airport in Uganda, our representative will take you to spend the night in a hotel in Kampala.

Overnight at: Sheraton Hotel/Cassia Lodge. BB

Day 2
Murchison Falls National Park

After breakfast, your adventure will start heading northwest, towards the town of Masindi to reach the rhinoceros reserve of Ziwa, the Project that has brought the black and white rhinos back to Uganda, and appreciate them up close. Lunch. Your trip will continue to the largest national park in the country crossed by the Nile until it reaches Lake Albert. At the Murchison Falls the Nile passes through a very narrow place forming a spectacular and unforgettable waterfall. Before night falls you will be at the Paraa Safari Lodge / Murchison River Lodge (Supplement for Bakers Lodge) (C) Pakuba Safari Lodge (E) for dinner. FB Note: The trip is almost 6-7 hours, part of which will be through dirt roads inside the park.

Overnight at: Paraa Safari Lodge / Murchison River Lodge (Supplement for Bakers Lodge) (C) Pakuba Safari Lodge (E) for dinner. FB

Day 3
Murchison Falls National Park

After a cup of coffee, you will start a safari in your own car to explore the savannah, in the northern region of the Nile delta on Lake Albert. You will find elephants, lions, buffalos, giraffes, water antelopes, oribies, leopards, as well as spotted hyenas. The park has a dense vegetation and offers a spectacular view. It is advisable to have your camera ready to take the best photos. Upon returning to your lodge you will have your breakfast and later your lunch. In the afternoon you will make another safari, but this time by boat along the banks of the Nile where you will see hippos, crocodiles and a variety of birds such as the African eagle-hawk, the rare beak shoe, common pelican, a variety of kingfishers, the goose of the Nile, etc.

Overnight at: Dinner and overnight at Paraa Safari Lodge / Murchison River Lodge (Supplement for Bakers Lodge) (C) Pakuba Safari Lodge (E) for dinner. FB

Day 4
Trekking of the chimpanzees in the jungle of Budongo

After breakfast, you will hike in the Budongo jungle, in Kaniyo-Pabidi, to find the chimpanzees in their habitat. Your specialized guide will accompany you during the tour. Among the primates you will find are the black and white colobus, the gray-cheeked mangabey, the green monkey, the blue monkey. Lunch. In the afternoon optional activity culture and visit to the fishing villages on the shores of Lake Albert. Dinner and night at Hoima, the capital of the Kingdom of Bunyoro.

Overnight at: Hoima Cultural Lodge/ Bugoma Jungle Lodge. FB

Day 5
From Hoima to Queen Elizabeth Park

Heading south-west along Lake Albert and the banks of the Rift Valley with excellent views. It will cross plantations of sugarcane, tea, coffee, bananas and cocoa. You will arrive at Fort Portal, the capital of the kingdom of Toro in the shadow of Rwenzori, the largest mountain range in Africa. Lunch. You will arrive at the Queen Elizabeth Park and will make a safari on the way. Note: The trip is almost 7/8 hours, through dirt roads.

Overnight at: Dinner and overnight at Mweya Safari Lodge / ParkView safari lodge (C) or Ihamba Lake side lodge/ Enganzi (E). FB

Day 6
Queen Elizabeth National Park

In the morning you will make a safari in your own car along the roads of the northern sector of the park, towards Lake Jorge and the village of Kasenyi. Here you will have the opportunity to see lions, elephants, spotted hyenas, water antelopes and cobo antelopes, maybe you can see a leopard, although it is rare. The population of animals in the park has increased since the seventies and is now an excellent place to see animals and enjoy panoramic views, such as the crater lakes and the Rift Valley, which make this place special and unforgettable. Lunch. In the afternoon you will make an excursion through the Mweya peninsula on the Kazinga channel, one of the most beautiful places in Uganda for its concentration of jungle life and opportunities for good photographs. During this tour you will see endemic bird species, as well as hippos, buffalos and elephants.

Overnight at: Dinner and overnight at Mweya Safari Lodge / ParkView safari lodge (C) or Ihamba Lake side lodge/ Enganzi (E). FB

Day 7
Ishasha - Bwindi Impenetrable

You will leave Queen Elizabeth Park heading south-west, to enter the rainforest, home to the last mountain gorillas in the world. Depending on weather conditions and the road will pass through the southern region of Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth Park, where there lives a rare population of lions known as "the climbing lions" that rest in the trees during the hot hours of the afternoon. Lunch. In the afternoon you will arrive to Bwindi in Buhoma via Ishasha, or to Kisoro for dinner and overnight. Note: The trip is very long, approximately 5-8 hours depending on the conditions of the roads and the location of the gorilla permits. The exact location of gorilla safaris depends on the availability of permits.

Overnight at: Bwindi Engagi Lodge/ Ishasha Jungle Lodge (C) or Bakiga lodge/ Travelers Rest Kisoro (E). FB

Day 8
Mountain gorilla safari

Breakfast very early and departure to the southern tip of the country. The activity will start at 8 o'clock in the morning and with your specialized guide and a group of maximum eight people, you will reach the gorillas. The Bwindi forest contains a reserve of 370 gorillas that is half of the world's gorillas, some families of whom have become accustomed to receiving visitors. You will be able to observe and enjoy the view of these gentle giants and take photos. Do not forget to bring your picnic that the hotel will have prepared and water to refresh during the walk. After your trek in the afternoon you will travel towards Bunyonyi Lake.

Overnight at: Dinner and overnight at Arcadia Cottages/BirdNest FB

Day 9
Bunyonyi Lake - Entebbe

After breakfast you will cross the lake by canoe for a nature experience and bird watching, with a specialized guide. He will return to Entebbe. Lunch on the way.

Overnight at: Dinner and overnight at Boma Hotel/ Hotel No.5 (C) or Pineapple Guest House (E). FB

Day 10
Entebbe - Arusha - Ngornogoro

Breakfast very early and departure from Entebbe airport for Arusha. Upon arrival at the Arusha Killimanjaro International Airport, our representative will take you to continue the trip in Tanzania. Lunch. Continue along the ridge of the Ngorongoro crater enjoying views.

Overnight at: Dinner and overnight at Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge/Ngorongoro/Sopa Lodge (C) or Simba camping (E). In the evening you will enjoy the view of the crater. FB

Day 11
Ngorongoro Crater, one of the wonders on earth

After breakfast, you will descend into the caldera of the Ngorongoro crater for an unforgettable experience in contact with the fauna. The Ngorongoro conservation area covers an area of 8,292 square kilometers and reaches an altitude of 1020 to 3,587 meters. The crater itself is only a small part of it; The caldera is 19.2 kilometers long and 610 meters deep and covers 304 square kilometers. The permanent presence of water at the crater level supports a large population of fauna. This includes the wildebeest, zebra, impala, dikdik, elephant, buffalo. Great predators are easily seen, with families of Lion, cheetahs, spotted hyenas, leopard. Picnic lunch can be taken at the hippo pool point. In the afternoon you will return to your lodge to dine and spend the night

Overnight at: Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge/Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge (C) or in the camping Simba (E). FB

Day 12
From Ngorongoro to Serengeti

After breakfast you will leave Ngorongoro to head towards the Serengeti National Park. Covering an area of 14,763 square kilometers, the park is the largest in Tanzania and is also part of the ecosystem of the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro crater and the Masai Mara in Kenya. They will go to the Oldupai Gorge (this is the original name of the so-called "Olduvai Gorge") which is located northwest of the Ngorongoro Crater.They can visit the Oldupai Gorge Museum and ask questions about the importance of the site for the history of humanity, lunch. Along the way you will see the "bomas", typical Maasai people and their cattle. After entering the national park, they will proceed through areas of grass and other semi-arid areas. The first safari will be made on the way to your lodge.

Overnight at: Serengeti Wildlife Lodge/Sopa Serengeti Lodge (C) or Seronera camping (E) for dinner and overnight. FB

Day 13
Serengeti National Park the legend of the desert

After breakfast early, the trip will start with a long safari. They can choose if they want to return to the lodge for lunch and rest there or take their picnic and spend more time on the safari. The Seronera valley is a transitional area between open meadows in the south and forest plains in the northwest, criss-crossed by the Seronera and Orangi rivers that converge in the Grumeti river and which constitute the water reserve for the whole year. For this reason you will find in this area a very high concentration of fauna. Among the resident mammals may include giraffes, buffalo, impalas, Thompson's gazelles, forest antelope, leopards, líos, spotted hyenas and the black rhinoceros in danger of survival. The number of animals is highest when migration is made from the plains from north to south, between December and May, which is normally a rainy period. It is surprising to see the long columns of animals moving in one direction in search of water until the next dry season. You will return to your lodge.

Overnight at: Serengeti Wildlife Lodge/ Serengeti Sopa Lodge (C) or to the Seronera Campground (E) for dinner and overnight. FB

Day 14
Serengeti - Arusha

After breakfast, you will return to Arusha to catch the night flight back home. Half board. Note: It would be possible to spend the night in Arusha and in the morning continue the trip to Zanzibar and the Tanzanian coast.

The price includes:

  • Entrance to the parks, taxes
  • Permits for safari of gorillas and chimpanzees
  • Mineral water for the trip
  • English speaking driver
  • Road transport in safari 4x4 vehicle
  • Full board accommodation (FB)
  • Transfers to the airport

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