Our Story

Destination Jungle is a tour and travel operator (Destination Management Company), created with the objective to bring quality services, professionalism and creativity in the tourism industry. Our motto is “When service exceeds clients’ expectations” and indeed our reputation has increased in this direction. Our slogan is “Sounds of the Jungle”. Destination Jungle LTD was registered in Uganda as a private limited company in June 2008.

Having branded ourselves as specified inbound Destination Management Company (DMC) with all-inclusive tourism facets of tours and Travel, the company has since day one kept shape and widening scope of operation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage sustainable development in the tourism industry and to be a reference company in the tourism industry for those travellers and partners looking for unique, active and sustainable travel experiences.

Our Vison

We are a tour operator offering tour packages and travel experiences in East Africa, with the attention to the knowledge of the destination, its social and environmental dynamics, so that our customers learn and participate as active tourists for the improvements of communities and the environment.

Our Core Values

This is the mission of Destination Jungle:

1. Our core principles

Our work is based on sharing of core principles which are: professionalism and integrity as people; “quality” as the mode of thinking and of operating; ecological and conservation values as factors of all choices; participation and assumption of responsibility as people and as a company because we are an important stakeholder in the tourism fraternity.

2. Our customers/ clients

We provide good customer care at all levels by interacting and understanding the needs of our clients. This will help us achieving high customer satisfaction. As a result of that our company will have an increased visibility in the market through positive feedbacks, returning visitors and more participation of the clients in our projects and socially responsible work.

3. Our services

We engage ourselves in a proper communication of our programs to the clients, through providing accurate and elaborated information in our consultancy and guiding work, which will help travellers to fully exploit and enjoy their holidays.

We also work for providing quality vehicles services as well as a careful selection of hotels and attractions more in line with our values.

4. Our Business Partners and Business Associations

We engage in partnership and business relations with stakeholders, associations and partners in the tourism industry by building a strong trustworthy relationship intended to facilitate long-term cooperation, by sharing our values and commitments.

5. Our Team

We have a professional staff who are committed to our values, work in cooperation, have targets for personal progress and are focused on learning and on creative thinking. Therefore, the company benefits from a good collaborative environment, which helps a continuous development in the company’s programs and projects.

Meet the team

Meet the dedicated crew of experts always at your service to produce beyond expectations given the experience in the specifics of the tourism fraternity.


Managing Director

Costantino Tessarin has accumulative experience in the tourism industry of East Africa and Uganda stretching from 2005 and has been an icon for Popularization of tourism in Italy with reciprocated tourist arrivals to East Africa. My multilingual in attribute is prowess to marketing in different destinations including Italian, French, Spanish and all English speaking destinations. With much love for Uganda I can’t go wrong with, boat trips on the Nile in Murchison and Kazinga channel, trekking the Rwenzori, conservation in Bugoma forest and the home for the and Ecotourism at large. As a Director, to a DMC with rooted in African safaris and primate tracking it will be a pleasure to serve you my Italian travelers.



General Manager

Tony as General Manager and association to tourism, he is not only an Administrator but also an enthusiastic in professionalizing tourism with departmental organization, advise on corporate ventures and supervises human resources. “With the beauty of nature in Uganda I would love to shift my office to the Jungles of Ishasha to associate with tree climbing lion and calm wildness of Queen Elizabeth National Park”


Spanish Consultant

Teddie Kivumbi joined the winning team at Destination Jungle from 2016 to share the work load not only as a tour consultant but also to be our face of the in the Spanish speaking countries through representation and marketing with her expertise in Spanish. “Perusing Spanish was a dream from child hood but a tourism window opened exposing me to the flourishing and interesting professional. I long to travel the world therefore travel to East Africa to see “true African wildness” in Kidepo Valley NP my best destination what a mind blowing encounter.”


Head Tour Consultant

Christine Olah is the Head Tour Consultant, in charge of liaison with tour guides and following the requests and inquiries from our English and German speaking markets. She also carries the flag into the above mentioned destinations. “I adore in visiting again and more my Murchison falls National Park, Bwindi and Mgahinga to always meet the gorillas and wildlife here. Come lets enjoy together”


Sales and Marketing

Dickson is in charge of Marketing of the Destination Jungle and monitoring online presence for the company on social media, creating appealing marketing content, market research and recommendations for widen market share.

With relative graphics and IT skills, his focus is geared towards website monitoring status and updates with webmaster. He has moderate French background, therefore he also doubles as representative and consultant for the French Speaking clients and Market/ countries.
“I travel is a therapy to my illness, Iam fond of thinking gorilla habituation and gorilla trekking is not tedious emotionally but will always revive any ones safari in East Africa. Ask any question all information always on finger tips.”


Reservation Officer & Travel Consultant

I have been here for quite some time and I believe you have written to me or read my email and not about to stop. Wait for more mails and follow-up calls booking for Gorilla tracking, Chimpanzee habituation, Nature walk in Kibale Forest Np, hiking the Rwenzori Mountains. I have need an exclusive book trip along the Kazinga channel or to the bottom of the falls in Murchison falls NP if luxury accommodation to complement my safari. She heads the reservations and travel consultancy department for Destination Jungle including the reservations for Ishasha Jungle Lodge. Your booking is next.


Chief Accountant

Geofrey Shimiyu is the Accountant of Destination Jungle, helps the organization of the company’s administration and the preparation of the company’s accounts and legal requirements.

Why choose us

We are A Destination Management Company with all-inclusive tourism facets of tours and Travel, Uganda being our second and priority home in Africa hence the sustainability and steady growth into one of the flourishing tours and travel company in Uganda.


Are you a solo traveler? Never get stranded at cross roads, feel at home we have you covered in our annual scheduled group departures without comprising your trip plans and desires at most give away price to most of the popular destinations including Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth NP and Bwindi to mention but a few in possible extensions. I know you have to save some dollars but also note that your scope of friendship widens with receptive-“strangers” on safari that ending up as lifetime cronies. What a feeling of belonging in Africa!

Our group departures are set out for the whole year in two options of Comfort and Economy therefore, planning is always easy as departures are guaranteed as communicated unless fully booked or otherwise. I identify your convenient and save time, financial resources with new relationships as we also intend to transform from a client to a life time.


Destination Jungle believes that tourism can bring a positive contribution to the conservation of the wildlife, the forests as well as supporting the local communities, in one word: sustainable tourism.

Under our social corporate responsibility, Destination Jungle for many years has been active, specifically, in supporting conservation and eco-tourism.


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About Destination Jungle

At Destination Jungle we believe that learning has the power to inspire, transform and redeem. A moral core underpins this simple, yet heartfelt philosophy. We value honesty, nurture hope and truly believe that every individual has the potential to positively influence the world in which we live.

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